Proper Sleep Is Important

In  last two weeks my schedule was tight. Cause before going on vacation I had to finish up my work. So I took extra hours to complete it, after office I worked from home. So more than 7-8 hours I was working on  laptop. Yeah, finally I completed my work. But since last couple of days I am facing eye problems. My family doctor consulted me & said this is because of busy & hectic schedule. This happens rarely.

Oh my god, what to do next ? But here are few thing I came to know regarding health & specially eye care. I suggest you the same ways to make you feel relaxed.

1. When you work on computer, have a little break.  Keep your eyes away from computer window & look out green trees or simply colored flowers. If you do not have green sight nearby then have a green plant or flower plant at your work place.

2. In break, sprinkle cold water on eyes. This will make you feel cool & calm.

3.  For 4-5 mins close your eyes and sit doing nothing. This is the good way of little rest.

4. If you face the problem of Dark Circles suddenly, then here is the thing you can do to reduce it.Crush the cucumber & mix it with rose water. Apply it on around the eyes. Remove it after 5-10 mins. This prevents the dark circle around eye.

How to Take Care of Skin in Winter?

In winter only external skin care is not enough, maintain internal health is also important.There are lots of cosmetic products available out there, you can make use of that. To maintain healthy skin healthy diet plays vital role. Here are few things you can apply specially in winter, that will help you to keep away from skin problems.
  • Include maximum fruits & Green vegetable in meal during winter. These are rich sources of vitamin which provide healthy glow to skin & shine to hairs.
  • In winter we feel less thirsty, but still drink 10-12 glass of water daily, this maintain skin's moisturize & avoid skin dryness.
  •  To maintain Glossy Lips, Glow of Eyes & Healthy Face Skin drink carrot & beetroot juice daily.

Make your lips glossy with natural tips

Cracked lips…!!! So you are suffering from cracked lips? Yes this is the major problem, specially during winter. Cracked Lips or simply dry lips. You don’t want to apply any lipstick on it, cause it looks so dirty & horrible. What you will do to get rid of this? of course you need to take care of it. No no not with the costly remedies and product. Try out with the simple ways & make your lips glossy.

  •   Make a use of quality lip bam that prevents & heal your lips from being cracked.
  •   Dehydration makes your lips dry. So to avoid  dehydration  drink plenty of water in winter. This makes your lips look fresh & leaves behind  natural glossy lips.

Home Remedies for Natural Skin Care

"Good Looks, Good Looks And Good Looks". It matters a lot, specially for women, they are pretty concerned about it. Only good look is not important, good look with the healthy skin shines more. No need to visit skin care clinic for healthy skin. Here are few things from  kitchen, will help you to take care of your skin.
  • Make a paste of Ginger,Honey & Rosewater. Apply on face every morning. This reduces wrinkles from face.

  • Take one tea spoon Tomato Juice, half tea spoon orange juice, little turmeric powder and gram flour. Make a fine paste of all these mentioned. Apply paste under dark circle of eyes & keep it for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes wash your face. Do it daily, this will help you to reduce dark circles.

  • Take 2 teaspoon of Honey & few drops of Lemon Juice with Rosewater. Mix it well & apply it on face. Instead of Lemon juice make a use of Curd for alternate day. After 15 minutes wash your face. This is the best face pack for dry skin. This reduces dryness of skin & makes skin soft & smooth.

  • Make a fine paste of Cucumber with Rose Water. Apply it around eyes. This reduces dark circles & reduces eyes puffiness & make you feel relaxed.

Attractive Personality with Beautiful & Soft Skin

Beautiful skin adds essence in your personality. Healthy and beautiful skin is not enough, it should be clean & smooth as well.Taking care of skin in proper way leads to improve your personality. But today in busy & hectic schedule made everyone busy, so have not enough time for skin & body care. Here are few tips I'd love to share that makes your skin smooth& soft.

  • Wash your face with cleanser 2-3 times daily.This reduces dirt from face & opens skin pores.
  • If you are having acne or pimple, do not touch it. It may increase infection & leads to more pimple on face.To reduce pimple use acne cream or antiseptic cream.
  • After the age of 25 you must be very much particular about your skin. To keep natural glow of skin even after 25 , use moisturizer. Moisturizer cleans skin & open skin pores so that skin breath freely.

Take Care of your Neck Skin

Women are pretty conscious about their face beauty. While taking care of face sometime the neck skin is the most neglected part. But when you see in mirror you will easily find the difference between face skin & neck skin. To keep skin tone balanced we must take care of our neck skin as well. 

  • Signs of aging are mostly seen on neck than face. So do not ignore your neck skin. While having bath wash your neck area.Make yourself habitual of taking care of your neck skin everyday.
  •  When you apply make-up on face, your neck skin looks darker than face skin. Apply soft make-up on neck as well.
  • While having bath rub your neck skin gently with the soap foam & try to remove skin impurities.
  • Facial Massage:- There are different facial available in spa. While having massage or facial massage your neck skin from down to upwards. This will help to make your skin healthy. You can use any cleansing milk for fair neck skin.

Have A Healthy Lifestyle.

Taking care of your Skin & Body externally, it works always. But staying healthy from inside is also important. If you are healthy from inside then automatically your body, skin reflects your healthiness. Only eating healthy food & having good diet plans is not enough, Your lifestyle also matters. See how you can live healthy in simple way.
  • Every one loves to eat snacks like spicy food, Pizza, Burger. But do remember these are fat increasing food. Instead of having such food,its better to have fruits. So do carry any fruit in your bag so that you can eat it when you feel hungry. This is more Hygiene Food than outer food.
  •  Green Tea:- Its true that Tea is refreshing & Energetic Drink. But having it in excess amount may harm your body. Instead of Plane Tea you can have Green Tea or Herbal Tea at least once in a day. Green tea helps in reducing weight & increases Natural Skin Glow.
  • Using Elevator is good, after all we are living in Technology world. But have habit of using steps always.Climbing steps is good for body. And Walking is also good for Health. If its nearer distance, do have walk.It makes Muscles strong.Make your children habitual of using steps.

Natural Beauty Care Tips

For every women look matters.Though it is hair,eyes,skin we take care of all thins. Some of go for the costly products or some just go with the natural beauty tips. Wasting money on heavy products is not possible every time. These are some things from your kitchen will help you to maintain your skin & body.

  • If you have dark circles under eyes, Use Mint Leaves- Smash mint leaves & make juice of it. Apply this juice & massage under eyes area. This will reduce the darkness/Black Circles.
  •  Make a paste of Chironji Seeds with Milk.Massage your face with this mixture. This will help you to glow your skin.
  •  Take ripen apple, smash it and apply it on face. Keep it for 10-20 min. This increases glow of your skin.

General Body Care & Skin Care

Using soap while bath is generally recommended, but some people face problem when they use soap. This may because low quality soap. Soap contains the ingredients which may not suit to your skin type,this leads to skin dryness. To avoid this use good quality soap that suits your skin tone. Some soap contains Coconut Oil & Glycerin because of which skin becomes soft & smooth.

After Party or Function you must remove make up of your face. Not to keep lipstick for long time. This may increases the darkness of the lipstick. To remove it, use Cleansing Milk. The main advantage of Cleansing Milk is , it makes Lips Smooth.

Happy Feet....!!!

If you are facing problem of cracked feet all the times, then no need to visit salon or spa every time.Here are small & easy things you can do in home. Simple body care tips like washing feet with warm water, makes your feet look beautiful. With home remedies itself you can keep your feet at top condition.  

  • If you are having cracked feet all the time, then try this - Take warm water add little shampoo in it then keep your feet in this warm water for 15-20 minutes.After this skin become soft, then rub your skin with the pumice stone. This will help you to remove out the dirt from feet.

  •  Massage your feet up to knee with the any aromatic oil like Rosemary,Lavender oil. This make your skin soft & smooth and aromatic as well.

Smart Tips for Skin Care

Here are few smart tips may help you in daily life. Using such smart & innovative home remedies give you best result.Instead of wasting money on costly product, its better to have good & smart home remedies.
  • If you are using face wash then choose face wash according to your Skin Type.
  • For Dry Skin, wash face with warm water & use face wash at the evening.
  • If you have Oily Skin, not to apply anything on face at night.