Happy Feet....!!!

If you are facing problem of cracked feet all the times, then no need to visit salon or spa every time.Here are small & easy things you can do in home. Simple body care tips like washing feet with warm water, makes your feet look beautiful. With home remedies itself you can keep your feet at top condition.  

  • If you are having cracked feet all the time, then try this - Take warm water add little shampoo in it then keep your feet in this warm water for 15-20 minutes.After this skin become soft, then rub your skin with the pumice stone. This will help you to remove out the dirt from feet.

  •  Massage your feet up to knee with the any aromatic oil like Rosemary,Lavender oil. This make your skin soft & smooth and aromatic as well.
  •   Almond oil, Coconut Oil ,Olive Oil are best for feet massage.
  • In winter try to cover your feet with the shoes. In home as well apply feet cream & wear socks. This prevents feet from being cracked.
  • Do have Pedicure at least once in month.


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