Take Care of your Neck Skin

Women are pretty conscious about their face beauty. While taking care of face sometime the neck skin is the most neglected part. But when you see in mirror you will easily find the difference between face skin & neck skin. To keep skin tone balanced we must take care of our neck skin as well. 

  • Signs of aging are mostly seen on neck than face. So do not ignore your neck skin. While having bath wash your neck area.Make yourself habitual of taking care of your neck skin everyday.
  •  When you apply make-up on face, your neck skin looks darker than face skin. Apply soft make-up on neck as well.
  • While having bath rub your neck skin gently with the soap foam & try to remove skin impurities.
  • Facial Massage:- There are different facial available in spa. While having massage or facial massage your neck skin from down to upwards. This will help to make your skin healthy. You can use any cleansing milk for fair neck skin.
  • When you apply oil to hair,sometime it sticks on neck which make neck skin darker. So after hair oil massage clean your neck skin properly.
  • Take  mixture of lemon juice & Turmeric Powder, apply it as a face mask on face & skin. Wash with cold water when it dries. This will reduces the darkness of neck skin & make your skin look younger & shining.
  • Daily do have a little exercise  of Neck.  


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