Have A Healthy Lifestyle.

Taking care of your Skin & Body externally, it works always. But staying healthy from inside is also important. If you are healthy from inside then automatically your body, skin reflects your healthiness. Only eating healthy food & having good diet plans is not enough, Your lifestyle also matters. See how you can live healthy in simple way.
  • Every one loves to eat snacks like spicy food, Pizza, Burger. But do remember these are fat increasing food. Instead of having such food,its better to have fruits. So do carry any fruit in your bag so that you can eat it when you feel hungry. This is more Hygiene Food than outer food.
  •  Green Tea:- Its true that Tea is refreshing & Energetic Drink. But having it in excess amount may harm your body. Instead of Plane Tea you can have Green Tea or Herbal Tea at least once in a day. Green tea helps in reducing weight & increases Natural Skin Glow.
  • Using Elevator is good, after all we are living in Technology world. But have habit of using steps always.Climbing steps is good for body. And Walking is also good for Health. If its nearer distance, do have walk.It makes Muscles strong.Make your children habitual of using steps.