Skin Care in Winter

Here winter started, & we started becoming very much particular for skin. Because we aware of the skin's condition, especially in winter. It dries, become white & sometime produces wrinkles as well. So we need to take care of our skin not only in winter but all the times. Here I'd like to share few tips for skin care specially for winter.

  •  Its true that skin dries in winter, apply moisturizer before moving out. Sometimes oily skin does not require moisturizer, but in winter on oily skin it creates white patches on skin, to avoid it use good quality moisturizer.
  • Using soap also dries skin, use soap free face wash.
  • The main & important that Dryness of Lips. Use good quality lipbam.For lip care apply Milk Cream on lips.
  • To reduce dryness massage your body with Sesame Oil Or use two drops of Sesame oil in bathing water.

ICE for Skin Care

Ice is not just for cooling but it works best for healthy body & Healthy Skin. From kitchen to your fitness it acts as a good Medicine. Here are few advantages of ice which will help us,

Ice as a Medicine:-
  • Because of sunburn it leads to dark patches on skin, Rub ice on the affected area it reduces dark patches.
  • Before doing threading & waxing apply or rub ice on skin, it will help you to remove hair easily & will not harm your skin.
  • Before applying lipstick apply(rub) little ice on it,because of it you can shape your lips easily & your lipstick will not spread.
  • Rubbing ice on face after bleaching,it does not lead acne & pimple on face.
  • During summer or in excess heat if you are facing problem of Stomach Ache & Stinging then rub ice gently on Stomach it will give you instant relief.


Do own facial at home

Its not just the girl or women thing, everybody wants to look great & attractive. But wasting money in parlor & spa is not affordable every time.  Here are some simple treatments you can try out in home.

  • Use soap free face wash or any foaming cleanser to clean your skin. If its dry skin go for the creamy cleanser.
  • Exfoliate your skin. Massage your face with the scrub in circular motion, while scrubbing need more concentration on nose & forehead.

Say bye to Wrinkles

 In human body development human has to face different  cycles.  The journey from childhood to young the one thing don’t change that is Skin glow. But at the age  30-35 skin shine reduces and starts wrinkles on your face and neck. This is one phase of human body we can not change it but defiantly we can control  it. Wrinkles are thin lines formed on face and on neck.  It’s mainly because of stress, sudden weight loss and of insufficient diet.

Here are few tips and some home remedies to say bye to wrinkles.
  • First you need to analyze type of your skin whether it’s oily  skin or dry skin.
  •  To keep  oily skin clean  it needs soap having large foam, which reduces oil from skin in small amount.
  • Besides in oily skin no wrinkles found earlier. But in dry skin formation of wrinkles is faster  as compared to oily skin. Dry skin always needs a good quality moisturizer which helps in glowing.