Say bye to Wrinkles

 In human body development human has to face different  cycles.  The journey from childhood to young the one thing don’t change that is Skin glow. But at the age  30-35 skin shine reduces and starts wrinkles on your face and neck. This is one phase of human body we can not change it but defiantly we can control  it. Wrinkles are thin lines formed on face and on neck.  It’s mainly because of stress, sudden weight loss and of insufficient diet.

Here are few tips and some home remedies to say bye to wrinkles.
  • First you need to analyze type of your skin whether it’s oily  skin or dry skin.
  •  To keep  oily skin clean  it needs soap having large foam, which reduces oil from skin in small amount.
  • Besides in oily skin no wrinkles found earlier. But in dry skin formation of wrinkles is faster  as compared to oily skin. Dry skin always needs a good quality moisturizer which helps in glowing.

Tips  to reduce wrinkles:-

  •     Ripen Banana- It reduces wrinkles defiantly. Take medium size ripen banana in bowl and beat it till it becomes semi liquid like cream. Apply this beaten banana on you face and neck, massage near eyes in round shape. Wait for half hour until it dries. Avoid talking when its applied. It acts like a face mask. After half hour wash your face with warm or cold water. See your face shines and skin becomes soft.
  •     You can control wrinkles by using Anti wrinkles creams which are easily available in market.
  •       Use of moisturizer daily makes skin shine and soft.    
  •        Drink plenty of water. Daily 10-12 glass of water.
  •      Apply Caster oil under eyes, after one hour wash face with cold water. It makes skin smoother.
  •       To reduce under eyes wrinkles massage with Lemon Juice daily.
  •       Pineapple works best. Massage with pineapple juice to reduce wrinkles.

  •      For face scrub use the mixture of Rose water, Honey and  Turmeric powder  twice in week. It helps to clean you face and opens the skin pores.

Proper Diet:-

  •  Avoid junk food and spicy food.
  • Include Carrot and Squash in your meal.
  • Kiwifruit and oranges stuffed with  ‘C’ Vitamins, include it in your salad which makes skin soft and smooth.
  •  Eating  Garlic , Onion and Broccoli make  skin healthy.
  •  Drink Herbal tea or Green tea.
  •  Caster oil is also good to make skin healthy .
 In short living life full on without stress  increases skin glow. So forget stress and tension live life full on.


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