How To Use Lemon Juice To Whiten Skin Tone

Tiredness is also the cause for our sinister covering. Lemon juice is the outstanding result to enhance shine on our look. It is used as natural skin lightener. Lemon juice is very much advantageous as it contains acids that calmly bleach the skin and exfoliate face skin cells.
To apply the lemon juice application follow these following steps:
  1.  As we everyone knows that our skin is not similar with each other. Various people gets irritates through lemon juice. So, in case of that make a lemon juice solutions by mixing one part lemon juice to one part lemon to one other part water.
  2. Get a cotton ball and spread the solution on your skin.
  3.  Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
  4.  To get a pure glow just carry on applying for at 2-3 days per week.
  5.   Applying it more often could lead to skin irritation.
  6. So, apply a moisturizer after rinsing off the lemon juice because the juice can dry out your skin.       

 Observe your results; you will have an excellent look just within 2-3 weeks.

How to Get Sunburn Itch Relief Naturally?

Its Summer time and we are moving out and enjoying it full on. Especially we’re exploring the beach beauty. While having fun the major health problem we face is SKIN TAN, SKIN BURN. Proper sunburn treatment should be taken on time or simply some precautions can heal sunburn easily.

Simple Ways to heal sunburn naturally
  1. Try to keep your body cool. Frequently take shower or bath with cool water.

  2.  Apply sunscreen lotion while moving out. Specially prefer lotion with Aloe Vera extract, since it has natural properties to heal skin burn.

5 Amazing Tips To Get Healthy Skin

           Who doesn’t like healthy and glowing skin??
In fact everyday we try for it. Sometimes we prefer visiting parlor or sometimes just costly beauty cosmetics products. But every time it’s not possible to do it. What to do then.....??
Yes...!! Do Not forget your Kitchen. You will find tons of things for your Healthy Skin and Healthy Body.

Let’s try this for great glowing skin -

  1. Tomato:- The red and Juicy one. Take slice of juicy tomato & rub directly on your face skin and neck area. Keep it for 5-10 minutes and wash after. This reduces the pimple problems & increases the skin glow. It also provides healthy reddish glow to your face.

Super 7 Tips For Healthy Skin

Skin is the most sensitive part of body. Its essential to take care of skin. But its not possible always to move  out for cosmetic products & costly skin care treatment . Few of them simply can not afford such costly skin care treatments. No worries, you can try out in home. Home remedies & good habits always work. Here are 7 amazing things from your kitchen can be best skin care…!!

#1. Tomato :- Red Juicy Tomato makes you skin reddish & healthy.
 Take a slice of tomato & rub it on your face & around neck. Keep it for 10-20 mins. Wash after. It gives healthy reddish look to your face skin.

#2 Milk Cream:- Some girls simply don’t like milk cream, what to do then??
Take a one spoon milk cream, & apply it on face. Give gental massage to face . It makes your skin soft & smooth. Simply you will get skin like BUTTERMILK..!!

How To Reduce Belly Fats ?

Do you have belly fats ? And it looks weird ?

Everybody wants to look perfect & slim. No body wants that extra fats around waist and belly.

Most women get it after delivering Baby. Some of them have it because of unhealthy food habits & unhealthy lifestyle. Working professionals develop it because of their sitting positions. There can be lots of reasons for it. Now the biggest challenge is to reduce belly fats. How to do it ? Here are simple ways that will help you to gain control over extra body fats.

  • Exercise:-

    This is the most recommended way to do it. And you can not skip it. Its important for your health too. Have a proper exercise that will reduce your body fats. Take proper consultation from your fitness trainer, and do it as per suggested. You can do exercise like abs, Aerobics etc.

  •  Diet Please :- Yes, have a proper diet plan too. Include Fruits, Green salad, Juices in your meal. Try to include foods that helps in reducing belly fats or fats around waist. Instead of Drinking Coffee or normal tea, take daily cup of Green Tea. Green tea is the best to reduce excess amount of fats.

    The Main cause of belly fats is junk food & fast food, spicy food. So strictly avoid eating these food. Make yourself habitual of not to eat such foods.

Just For Skin & Skin Care.

Your face is a MIRROR of your personality. And we do take lots of efforts to glow more & to look attractive. We go to heavy parlor, we do spa & massage. In short directly & indirectly we do lots of things.Sometimes some women undergo for the skin treatments, it may prove effective or may lead to side-effect. Instead of taking risk by using low quality cosmetic products its always better to have HOME REMEDIES for skin.

Here are few things, you'd like to have for Skin. Few Natural & Effective Skin Care Tips -

Proper Sleep Is Important

In  last two weeks my schedule was tight. Cause before going on vacation I had to finish up my work. So I took extra hours to complete it, after office I worked from home. So more than 7-8 hours I was working on  laptop. Yeah, finally I completed my work. But since last couple of days I am facing eye problems. My family doctor consulted me & said this is because of busy & hectic schedule. This happens rarely.

Oh my god, what to do next ? But here are few thing I came to know regarding health & specially eye care. I suggest you the same ways to make you feel relaxed.

1. When you work on computer, have a little break.  Keep your eyes away from computer window & look out green trees or simply colored flowers. If you do not have green sight nearby then have a green plant or flower plant at your work place.

2. In break, sprinkle cold water on eyes. This will make you feel cool & calm.

3.  For 4-5 mins close your eyes and sit doing nothing. This is the good way of little rest.

4. If you face the problem of Dark Circles suddenly, then here is the thing you can do to reduce it.Crush the cucumber & mix it with rose water. Apply it on around the eyes. Remove it after 5-10 mins. This prevents the dark circle around eye.