Proper Sleep Is Important

In  last two weeks my schedule was tight. Cause before going on vacation I had to finish up my work. So I took extra hours to complete it, after office I worked from home. So more than 7-8 hours I was working on  laptop. Yeah, finally I completed my work. But since last couple of days I am facing eye problems. My family doctor consulted me & said this is because of busy & hectic schedule. This happens rarely.

Oh my god, what to do next ? But here are few thing I came to know regarding health & specially eye care. I suggest you the same ways to make you feel relaxed.

1. When you work on computer, have a little break.  Keep your eyes away from computer window & look out green trees or simply colored flowers. If you do not have green sight nearby then have a green plant or flower plant at your work place.

2. In break, sprinkle cold water on eyes. This will make you feel cool & calm.

3.  For 4-5 mins close your eyes and sit doing nothing. This is the good way of little rest.

4. If you face the problem of Dark Circles suddenly, then here is the thing you can do to reduce it.Crush the cucumber & mix it with rose water. Apply it on around the eyes. Remove it after 5-10 mins. This prevents the dark circle around eye.

5. Have a little eye exercise in this way – Close your eyes & cover it with your hands making cup of hands on eyes. Now open-close your eyes for a minute.

6. Eat Daily a Carrot, this makes eyesight powerful.

7. Walk on Green Grass without shoes/sandals etc. This improves eyesight.

8. Improper sleep makes you feel stress . Because of which you will not able to concentrate on work. Have a proper sleep of 7-8 Hours.

9.If you are unable to sleep, then you can listen soft music which makes you feel sleepy.

10.To make your whole week fresh & stress free. Have a Yoga or Meditation at the weekend.This helps you to feel relaxed & stress free.


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