Skin Care in Winter

Here winter started, & we started becoming very much particular for skin. Because we aware of the skin's condition, especially in winter. It dries, become white & sometime produces wrinkles as well. So we need to take care of our skin not only in winter but all the times. Here I'd like to share few tips for skin care specially for winter.

  •  Its true that skin dries in winter, apply moisturizer before moving out. Sometimes oily skin does not require moisturizer, but in winter on oily skin it creates white patches on skin, to avoid it use good quality moisturizer.
  • Using soap also dries skin, use soap free face wash.
  • The main & important that Dryness of Lips. Use good quality lipbam.For lip care apply Milk Cream on lips.
  • To reduce dryness massage your body with Sesame Oil Or use two drops of Sesame oil in bathing water.