Make your lips glossy with natural tips

Cracked lips…!!! So you are suffering from cracked lips? Yes this is the major problem, specially during winter. Cracked Lips or simply dry lips. You don’t want to apply any lipstick on it, cause it looks so dirty & horrible. What you will do to get rid of this? of course you need to take care of it. No no not with the costly remedies and product. Try out with the simple ways & make your lips glossy.

  •   Make a use of quality lip bam that prevents & heal your lips from being cracked.
  •   Dehydration makes your lips dry. So to avoid  dehydration  drink plenty of water in winter. This makes your lips look fresh & leaves behind  natural glossy lips.

  •   Do not lick your lips, it causes more dryness & result into cracked lips.
  •  Remove dead cells from your lips gently. To avoid the dead cells apply normal petroleum jelly.
  •  Lack of Vitamin D causes dry skin & chapped Lips. Include food like Fish, White Mashroom, Whole Milk, Cod Liver oil etc. which is rich source of Vitamin D
  •  You can have a little massage on you lips with the milk cream. The milk cream is best way for Lip care.
  •  Honey & olive oil are recommended to massage the lips. This also smooths your lips.



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