General Body Care & Skin Care

Using soap while bath is generally recommended, but some people face problem when they use soap. This may because low quality soap. Soap contains the ingredients which may not suit to your skin type,this leads to skin dryness. To avoid this use good quality soap that suits your skin tone. Some soap contains Coconut Oil & Glycerin because of which skin becomes soft & smooth.

After Party or Function you must remove make up of your face. Not to keep lipstick for long time. This may increases the darkness of the lipstick. To remove it, use Cleansing Milk. The main advantage of Cleansing Milk is , it makes Lips Smooth.

Happy Feet....!!!

If you are facing problem of cracked feet all the times, then no need to visit salon or spa every time.Here are small & easy things you can do in home. Simple body care tips like washing feet with warm water, makes your feet look beautiful. With home remedies itself you can keep your feet at top condition.  

  • If you are having cracked feet all the time, then try this - Take warm water add little shampoo in it then keep your feet in this warm water for 15-20 minutes.After this skin become soft, then rub your skin with the pumice stone. This will help you to remove out the dirt from feet.

  •  Massage your feet up to knee with the any aromatic oil like Rosemary,Lavender oil. This make your skin soft & smooth and aromatic as well.