How to Get Sunburn Itch Relief Naturally?

Its Summer time and we are moving out and enjoying it full on. Especially we’re exploring the beach beauty. While having fun the major health problem we face is SKIN TAN, SKIN BURN. Proper sunburn treatment should be taken on time or simply some precautions can heal sunburn easily.

Simple Ways to heal sunburn naturally
  1. Try to keep your body cool. Frequently take shower or bath with cool water.
  2.  Apply sunscreen lotion while moving out. Specially prefer lotion with Aloe Vera extract, since it has natural properties to heal skin burn.

  3.  Mint Leaves – It has best soothing and cooling properties. So try to include it in meal and juices. You can also have it with Green Tea ( Green Tea With Mint Leaves)
  4.  Cucumber – Natural cooling agent! Put the slice of cucumber on burnt/red areas. It helps to keep skin cool and heals the skin burn. You can also make the fine paste of Chill cucumber  and apply directly on affected areas.
  5.  Drink Plenty Of Water. Also you can add Chia Seeds into drinking water. Chia Seeds help to keep body cool.
  6. Take Potato slice and rub smoothly on affected skin. It reduces skin irritation caused by sunburn.
  7. Eating tomatoes is always good for skin. It prevents skin damages. Mix the tomato juice with yogurt by making fine paste and apply on affected skin. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash off.
  8. Proper Medication is important. You can also have proper sunburn treatment from nearby skin treatment center.
  9.  Specially avoid using soap on affected skin. Soap dries skin & can create more irritation on affected areas.
  10. Best way to avoid sun burnt is use Sunscreen Lotion. Use proper cloths that covers the skin. Use glasses that prevent eyes from UV light.


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