Super 7 Tips For Healthy Skin

Skin is the most sensitive part of body. Its essential to take care of skin. But its not possible always to move  out for cosmetic products & costly skin care treatment . Few of them simply can not afford such costly skin care treatments. No worries, you can try out in home. Home remedies & good habits always work. Here are 7 amazing things from your kitchen can be best skin care…!!

#1. Tomato :- Red Juicy Tomato makes you skin reddish & healthy.
 Take a slice of tomato & rub it on your face & around neck. Keep it for 10-20 mins. Wash after. It gives healthy reddish look to your face skin.

#2 Milk Cream:- Some girls simply don’t like milk cream, what to do then??
Take a one spoon milk cream, & apply it on face. Give gental massage to face . It makes your skin soft & smooth. Simply you will get skin like BUTTERMILK..!!

#3 Aloe Vera:- Not from kitchen but from your garden.
Yes, directly applying aloe vera gel on skin reduces the scars. If you have scars on face or on your body. Just apply aloe vera gel, it removes the scar & provides the coolness by reducing burn.

#4 Papaya:- Instant Glow
Papaya pulp with bit honey in it, gives the instant glow to your skin. Apply Papaya pulp on face keep it for 30 mins, wash after. See the magic, it gives the instant glow to your skin.You can also mix milk with papaya & honey.

#5 Banana:- Best To Reduce Wrinkles.
Ripen banana works best on wrinkels. Take a ripen banan pulp & apply gently on face & neck area. Give circular massage arround eyes. Let it dries till 30 mins, wash with cold water. It reduces wrinkles & reduces the dark circle around eyes. It’s an anti-aging agent.

#6 Cinnamon and Honey:- Best Acne Prevention
Take 2 Spoon Honey & 1 Spoon Cinnamon Powder mix it well. Apply on skin, keep it 10-15 mins & wash after. It prevents acne on face.

#7 Food:- For Healthy Skin
Food also matters for healthy skin. Include variety of food in your meal. Eat less spicy & more healthy food. Eat fruits, green salad & inculde juices in your food. Healthy eating makes your skin & Body Healthy.


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