How To Treat Dry Skin During Winter


Still is it there?

Somewhere it is & Somewhere not.

But all we are facing is DRY & Rough Skin.

Yes, this happens with everyone. No matter what’s you age.

Especially in winter we all face the problem of dry skin. It becomes more dry and rough. Sometimes it leaves the dark patches on the skin.

Here are dry skin care treatment you can try out in home - 

 Oil Massage :-

No need to go to spa & salon. You can do it at home. Just give massage to your body with the oils like Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil. Before going to bed, you can massage your skin. This will help you make your skin smooth even in winter.

  Bath And After Bath Care :-

Yes we all love HOT WATER Bath in winter. But did you know that hot water can damages skin. So make sure you are bathing with the warm water.   Yes, you must do it. After bath use proper moisturizer to make your skin soft and smooth.

Say No To Scrubs: -
      As we know that scrubs removes the dirt particles from skin. But using them in winter may lead to itching and increases dryness. So say NO to Scrub, or even if you want to use soft scrubbers. Also do not use such face wash and scrubbers with crystals.

          Treat Your Lips :-
Cracked lips are the most common in winter. So how you are going to treat it ?
Yes…!! Use lip balm to keep it smooth. The best natural way to prevent it from cracking is to apply milk cream on lips for 20-25 mins. This softens your lips.

 Do Not Forget Your Feet :-
Feet care is equally important in winter. Cause no one like that CRACKED FEET.
Wear socks when you go out. Apply some moisturizer cream to feel. You can also massage with the coconut oil. Try to cover your Feet with socks or with proper winter boot, to prevent them from cracking.

Whenever you are going out, wear full clothes to cover your body from winter air. Also wear scarfs, hoodies to prevent your skin from damaging. Not to forget your hair, cause in winter there is a risk of hair damage. So take care of hair during winter, by simple hairstyles or covering them with proper scarf.

These are simple and important tips to take care of skin during winter. Try out and let your skin glow and become soft, smooth this winter.


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