Just For Skin & Skin Care.

Your face is a MIRROR of your personality. And we do take lots of efforts to glow more & to look attractive. We go to heavy parlor, we do spa & massage. In short directly & indirectly we do lots of things.Sometimes some women undergo for the skin treatments, it may prove effective or may lead to side-effect. Instead of taking risk by using low quality cosmetic products its always better to have HOME REMEDIES for skin.

Here are few things, you'd like to have for Skin. Few Natural & Effective Skin Care Tips -

  • For Healthy & Glowing Skin, Wash your skin daily properly with cold water.
  • While cleaning Face skin make sure your are cleaning Neck Skin as well.
  • Apply any moisturizer that suits your skin type & Have a soft massage to face.
  • To clean this cream, use wet cotton ball. If you use dry Cotton it abosobs all moisture from face by leaving dry skin.
  • Wash your face daily at least twice or thrice.
  • Take a slice of Tomato & Rub gently on Face. Do this early morning before bath. This increases the glow of skin within 2-3 weeks.
  • To reduce the skin Tanning apply Curd on Tanned patch of Skin. You can mix curd with Tomato & Lemon Juice.


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