ICE for Skin Care

Ice is not just for cooling but it works best for healthy body & Healthy Skin. From kitchen to your fitness it acts as a good Medicine. Here are few advantages of ice which will help us,

Ice as a Medicine:-
  • Because of sunburn it leads to dark patches on skin, Rub ice on the affected area it reduces dark patches.
  • Before doing threading & waxing apply or rub ice on skin, it will help you to remove hair easily & will not harm your skin.
  • Before applying lipstick apply(rub) little ice on it,because of it you can shape your lips easily & your lipstick will not spread.
  • Rubbing ice on face after bleaching,it does not lead acne & pimple on face.
  • During summer or in excess heat if you are facing problem of Stomach Ache & Stinging then rub ice gently on Stomach it will give you instant relief.



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